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Ever find yourself numb in the routine of day to day motherhood? Does learning new things (and seeing financial gain from such knowledge thrill you?) How about trying new foods? ...meeting new people? Embarking on a new challenge?
This was me. Our daughter was a few months old; our routines established; and my brains slowly turning into mashed potatoes. I knew I needed to to something for those poor spuddy brain cells, and with my love for good food, Epicure was an obvious choice.
Now we are a family of 5. Our schedules are far less relaxed; but Epicures meal solutions; dinner ideas; and flexible business opportunity have continued as the perfect fit for our small gang.
Love a good meal? Finding yourself strapped for time? Looking for a work at home solution? Let's chat! I love your questions, and have way too much fun showing others what Epicure can do for them too!
These products are so fun to play with that I have a blog you can peek at: www.theblissofthis.com - check her out and drop me some feedback. I love hearing from you as much as I enjoy sharing good food and "normal" "keep in it real" lifestyle bits.

Enjoy your Epic adventure: be it for the great food, the fun hosting, or the exciting business opportunity. I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions.